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Prevent potential mental health crises in your community through an automated support network.

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Want to know how MedByte Care works?

  • Chat

    MIA is an AI-powered support assistant that chats and checks in on your team members, in order to direct them to personalized mental health resources

  • Intervention alert

    Identify who has the highest risk in your team and direct them automatically to support channels.

  • Statistics

    All of the mental health data of your company including risk, interventions, satisfaction and emotional wellbeing gauges in one place.

  • Directory and timeline of intervention

    Understand how your mental health programs do over time, analyze your team’s satisfaction, and get recommendations on how to help improve your company’s wellbeing.

Advantages of MedByte Care

  • Identify risks to your community through automated alerts

  • Offer psychological first aid and support to your community

  • Reduce absenteeism and job desertion costs

  • Ease the work of human resources with automated monitoring.

  • Track your team's health over time and through different cities, departments, and job roles.

  • Visualize the mental health conditions of your team in a dynamic and auto-updating dashboard.

Your employees

Employees fighting with mental health issues right now

Work days lost due to work related stress, anxiety and depression

Costs per year due to absences and low productivity.

Predict the mental health risks of your community, intervene early and provide a personalized support network




We collect, structure and organize data with AI so you can make better decisions.

Free benefits: EHR, smart web scheduling, automated survey creation and deployment

Want to know MedByte Lab works?

  • General statistics

    Understand through data the complete state of your practice

  • Web performance

    Gather the results of your website and social networks into metrics

  • Know your patients

    Centralize all of your patients' information in one place and identify improvement patterns through AI for billing, service, and patient retention and attraction

  • Management

    Improve the management of your practice with AI optimization tools used by the largest companies in the world

  • Clinical

    Better distribute your occupancy levels through predictive demand analysis

  • Recommendations

    Receive automated AI alerts to improve your service and quickly resolve problems

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Advantages of MedByte Lab

  • Centralize and enrich all your patients' information for a comprehensive understanding of their needs that helps you improve your quality of care

  • Visualize all of yout data in a single platform and your receive recommendations on how to improve

  • Reduce your time spent in data searches

  • Optimize your use of resources and improve care

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